2nd Workshop on Signal Processing for Understanding Crowd Dynamics

@ IEEE AVSS 2017

Different implications related to crowd behavior analysis can be considered, since both technical and social aspect is still under researchers' investigation.

Technical aspects in crowd behavior analysis applications mainly focus on the detection of events.

Crowd simulation tools can be used for evaluating alternative ways to organize pedestrian flows long before actuation in the real world.

SP-CROWD Workshop

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AVSS is sponsored by the IEEE and, in particular, by its two societies, the Signal Processing Society (IVMSP TC) and the IEEE Computer Society (PAMI TC).

After successful conferences since 2003 (see History), in 2017 the 14th AVSS conference will take place in Lecce, Italy.
The ISASI CNR, will host the conference and together with all members of the organizing committee (OC), we are looking forward to welcome you in one of Europe’s leading innovation and research regions!

The Workshop on Signal Processing for Understanding Crowd Dynamics will focus on the signal processing challenges in analyzing potentially crowded environments. This Workshop addresses timely and challenging problems on realizing automatic ambient intelligent systems that are able to deal with crowds from the signal processing perspective. Standard signal processing approaches are typically not suited to this kind of challenging environments and there is often the need of specific methodologies and tools.

The workshop aims to bring together researchers, practitioners and students from signal processing and surveillance-related fields to share knowledge on methodologies, features and results related to the evaluation, modeling and understanding of crowded environments.

This workshop focuses on underlying theory, methods, systems, and applications of crowd analysis and understanding.

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